Maintenance & Treatment Service

Maintenance & Treatment Service

Don’t have the time to carry out routine maintenance on your garden building?

Southern Sheds Ltd can help you with the maintenance of your building and maximise the life of your investment, with our newly introduced maintenance service.

With today’s busy lifestyles, not all of us have the time needed to carry the out essential maintenance required to keep our garden buildings in the best condition possible.

  • No more questions about “am I using the correct treatment on my building?” or the usual putting this essential job off “I’ll do it next weekend”
  • With today’s unpredictable climate the roof covering will need to be checked on a regular basis, especially if the building is in an exposed area or susceptible to strong weather conditions, or even under some trees or branches etc.

Re-treating service
Upon arrival we will remove any loose debris from the cladding, protect the surrounding area and apply the correct solvent based wood treatment to your building.

Re-felt service
On a pre-arranged date; we will supply & fit new green mineral roofing felt, in addition we will also replace the existing Fascia Boards.

Please call us on 01634 200694 for more information

Suggested Regular Maintenance

  • Regularly re-treat the exterior of your building
  • Periodically cut back overhanging trees and shrubs, check felt for deterioration
  • Regularly oil hinges and locks etc
  • Tighten any Door Turn buttons
  • Wipe any condensation from the bottom of windows from time to time

Timber is a natural material and is therefore susceptible to possible warping splitting and shrinking during changing temperatures and weather conditions this is a natural occurrence

Protect your Garden Building For maximum benefit, We Dip Treat the building with its initial coat in a Red Cedar solvent based wood treatment prior to delivery, We would advice you to apply an additional coat within the first 6 months, then further exterior coats at regular intervals (Do please purchase a can of Solvent based protective wood treatment ).

If this is not carried out as specified you may encounter problems with the building shrinking too much leading to excessive board shrinkage, large splits, fading of colour and possible water penetration.

Roofing Felt
Due to the variations in our climate, you may experience undulations in your felt; this is nothing to cause concern. From time to time you will need to cast your eye over the felt, checking that the nails have not lifted or any damage such as holes / splits have occurred, making sure that there is no overhanging trees or bushes. When the felt has been exposed for a period of time, it does lose some of it’s proofing body, a new covering of felt may be necessary.

Regularly inspect your building, checking the timber for small cracks /shakes or knot holes that may have occurred, you can repair these with mastic or wood filler.
Regularly oil all hinges and any locks. Tighten up turn buttons.

All doors are fitted square at the factory, however, once the building has been installed and settled there may be some movement in the door, this is nothing to worry about just a slight adjustment is required, this may be due to the base being slightly out of level in one or two places or uneven loading of the building. This will need some packing under one side of the door post or at a corner of the building. Use a crowbar or spade for leverage to enable you to position the packing. Unfortunately this is done by trial & error.

Included with these services and at no extra cost we will fill any minor cracks or holes, oil the hinges and if required re-align the door. We will also inspect the condition of your building and advise you of any forthcoming maintenance that may be required.

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