Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What if I do not require the floor?

We can supply the buildings without a floor (except Budget range) and a reduction in in the price will be made Please ask our sales team for details.

There are certain requirements that should to be met for a building supplied without a floor, such as base size and securing. Some advantages of having the floor.

Keeps the building elevated away from the cold and damp

  • Keeps the building warmer & helps reduce condensation
  • A secure self contained and square building with additional air flow under the building
  • Ideal for larger bases
  • No need for a concrete base
  • Re-locatable
Q. What if I do not require the Treatment?
We currently only offer treatment in the Light Brown colour.
Some advantages of having the treatment. Protects the complete building before it’s even left the factory
  • No uncertainties about lack of access to paint afterwards
  • Do not have to wait for good weather
  • Ensures that the correct product is used
  • Gives your building the initial protection against the elements

Q. Why is the Installation shown separately?

As a keen DIY’er you may want to install the building yourself
You may need to complete other projects before installing the building

Some advantages of having us install your building.


  • Professional & experienced installers
  • We carry out all of the labouring from delivery to fitting glass and felt etc
  • Delivery & Installation completed the same day
  • Do not have to rely upon well intentioned friends to help
  • No time off from work or any lost holiday entitlement
  • Immediate use


“Don’t put off until tomorrow what we can do today”

Q. I am not near your factory / show site, so how can I see your products?

All products can be viewed on the website, or please request a brochure
To request a hard copy of our brochure please ring 01634 200694 (24h answer phone) or Email: info@southernsheds.com alternatively complete the feedback page on the web site.

Q. Does the brochure have a price list?

The brochure contains a full price list inclusive of VAT at the current rate.

Q. Do your prices include delivery?

Postcode areas starting in BN,CR,CT,DA,KT,ME,RH,SE,SW,SM,TN,TW are free delivery areas there is a small delivery charge made for other postcode, see listed areas

Q. Can I collect my building?

Should you wish to collect, click on our contact page for the Factory address

Q. Do you deliver outside of your area?

On certain occasions we are able to deliver outside of our normal delivery areas, please contact us with your requirements; we will then if possible supply you with a quotation.

Q. What Vehicle do you use for delivery?

We have our own fleet of purpose built flat bed transit vans; that offer us great deal of flexibility in reaching most of our customers.
Our vehicles are not designed to be taken off road and as such our drivers are instructed not to do so.

Q. How long after I place an order can I expect delivery?

This is dependent on a small number of factors, your chosen product, delivery area seasonal variations and our production schedule. We aim to complete the deliveries within 20 working days, however, we give you a delivery date at the time of placing your order.

Please note that All of our products are made to order

We will always try to fit in deliveries to meet customer requirements, so if you have a specific deadline please talk to one of our Sales Advisors on 01634 200694.

Q. Do I have to be present when you deliver?

Not necessarily, if you are happy for us to leave the building at your premises.
If you have asked us to install the building then we would need access to the garden and for the base to be ready and clear, we can then proceed with the installation.

Q. Can I have my building Installed?

Yes, our own workforce carries out installations. All that we require is clear access to the site and a completed flat level base in place as advised (unless we are also supplying the base)

Q. How long will it take to install my building?

On average the buildings are completed with 1- 2 hours as a guide.
Installation times may vary with the complexity & type of building that we are installing.

Q. How much will it cost to have my building installed?

Each building is priced individually according to its size, style and complexity. You will find the installation prices listed on both the web site and in our brochure.

Q. How do I place an order?

We accept orders placed…

Via our web site, www.southernsheds.com

Over the telephone (01634 200694),

By email (orders@southernsheds.com)

You can even walk in the door and we will be able to complete the order for you.

Q. When will my order be processed?

If you visit our factory / show site this will be done immediately, otherwise processing is completed by the next working day.

Q. Will a confirmation be issued?

A hard copy will be posted to you confirming your order details and delivery date. Online orders will also receive an automated email confirmation.

Q. How do I pay?

We accept all major credit cards, Solo, Electron & Maestro debit cards, Cheques made payable to Southern sheds Ltd, Cash & BACS (Computer Bank transfers).

*American Express, not available online.

VisaVisa Debit
 Visa ElectronMastercard
Payment by cheque also accepted