Access to site needs to be clear before your building arrives, it is essential that you have sufficient parking & clear access to and around the site. Access should be wide enough for a person to walk through without severe turns, steps, height restrictions, as some sections may not be able to negotiate these. For Health & Safety reasons we cannot take panels over fences, walls, hedges or garages.

Please note that not all sections will fit through a standard doorway with a fixed head rail. For a small charge we can arrange for the sections to be made smaller to allow for easier access, please discuss access at the time of order.

To help delivery go smoothly please answer the following
Will there be any difficulty in parking Yes / No
More than 25mtrs walk to site, any steps slopes etc. Yes / No
Access to site obstructed restricted heights, sharp turns Yes / No
Area with overhanging branches/shrubs Yes / No
If YES to any of the above or you have any additional concerns
please contact us to discuss further.
Base flat and level & positioned 12” clear of boundaries
Yes / No
If NO to the above or you have any additional concerns
please contact us to discuss further.

Please note that if we are scheduled to install your building, but unable to do so due to the lack of access or the base is not acceptable, we will treat the building as a delivery only then if you wish us to return at a later date to carry out the installation you will be charged for the return visit, a minimum charge of £40 will be applicable. If you insist on the building being installed against the advice of the installers then they will only carry this out if safe to do so once you have signed a disclaimer accepting full responsibility for any defects which may be caused by the inadequate base.

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Payment by cheque also accepted