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Additional Options

Additional Options

Why not maximise the potential of your building from:

Bases, Benches & Shelves, Guttering, Locks, Extra Windows and Wider Doors.

If you don't see what you are looking for please contact us, if its not shown this doesn't mean we cannot do it.

Sections In Additional Options
Timber Framed Bases   Timber Framed Bases

More info
Benches   Benches

More info
Guttering   Guttering

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Shelves   Shelves

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Joinery Upgrades   Joinery Upgrades

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Choose your Additional Options
(PB) Pad Bolt & Secured Hinges   More info
(CSD-DD) Convert Single Door to Double Doors  More info
(HPFELT) High Performance Felt  More info
(CP) Additional 5ltrs of Wood Protective Treatment  More info
(PL) Stainless Steel Hardened Disc Padlocks  More info
(AFW) Additional Fixed Window  More info
(OW) Fixed Window made to open  More info
(AOW) Additional Opening Window  More info
(ASD) Additional Single Door  More info
(ADD) Additional Double Doors  More info
(WSD3) Convert standard 30"(760mm) single door to 36" (915mm)  More info
(SFB) Shaped Facia Boards  More info
(WB )Window Box  More info
(CSD-STD) Stable Door in lieu or solid Door  More info
(SPL) Divide sections for easier access  More info
(BH) Increased Building Height 5"  More info
(PLSD) Stable Door with Diamond Shape Window  More info