House Bricks

House Brick Base

If you are preparing to lay the timber floor onto a formation of house bricks, then great care will need to be taken positioning of the bricks along the length of the floor joists, as the run of the joists will change depending on style of building. On larger floors one or two double rows of bricks may be required if this is your preferred choice of base we will give you detailed instructions.

Mark out where you want to place the building, Clear the entire top layer of vegetation and compress the existing ground so that there will be no movement once the bricks have been laid.

The ground should then be levelled, if one side is too high, remove a little earth at a time until you arrive at the correct level. If too low, pull more earth from the higher areas until it reaches the correct level. Lay a weed suppressant membrane.
Tip: An additional border of approximately 6″ (150mm) around the edge of the base will allow you to fill with pea shingle or a decorative stone preventing the possibility of ‘splash-back’ as rain drips to floor. This can be prepared before of after the base has been laid.

Shed Base = 8′ Long x 6′ Wide would need 20 house brick laid in 4 rows of 5 bricks per row Shed Base = 10′ Long x 8′ Wide would need 40 house brick laid in 5 rows of 8 bricks per row including a double row in the centre

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